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  • WANT A LOW TAKEOFF ANGLE WITH GAIN FOR GREAT DX. NO ROOM FOR A TOWER AND BEAM LOOK NO FURTHER, THE 20 OR 17 METER 5/8THS WILL GET THE JOB DONE The ZEROFIVE 5/8ths wave 20 OR 17 meter vertical antenna is a HEAVY DUTY FREESTANDING monoband antenna with gain. It has a lower take off angle than the classic 1/4 wave antenna. This vertical antenna was designed for long haul DX,but will still have great performance state side. The base tube and foldover plate is made from T-6 extruded aluminum CNC machined to exact spec's. The black delrin base insulator ensures the best RF insulation. The vertical element is made from multi tapered T-832 aircraft aluminum, Big bottom section tapers to 3/8 inch at the top. A high power matching network ensures all of your input power gets radiated. This vertical antenna is freestanding. BAND---20 or 17 METERS, PLEASE STATE WHEN ORDERING. 20 Meter radial requirements---12 Radials 16 feet long each when ground mounted 17 Meter radial requirements---12 Radials 13 feet long each when ground mounted Parallel tuned matching network 500 khz 2 TO 1 Bandwidth. 2 to 3 db gain 10 TO 17 Degree take off angle. 37 feet tall for 20 meters 30 feet tall for 17 meters 3KW ssb power rating 92mph wind rating Mounts to 2 inch OD pipe Includes heavy duty foldover The buyer must sign for this item upon delivery