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The 43 foot 10-160 meter Multi-Band Vertical antenna is a freestanding vertical element. This vertical antenna has no lossy traps,coils or stubs to burn out ,fill up with water and detune. Super wide bandwidth means more time operating ,and less time stuck on a frequency your trap vertical is tuned for. It is a non-loaded radiator made with 6063 T832 commercial drawn aluminum tubing. Big 2 1/8" bottom section tapers at the top to 3/8 of inch for flexibility, strength and wide bandwidth.A custom CNC machined 2" solid super heavy duty black Delrin base insulator for superior UV resistance and high power handling capability. A 3/8 thick foldover plate is included for easy one person raising/lowering no-bind tilt-over action. A minimum of 16 radials is suggested. This is a very heavy duty vertical that can be guyed or free standing. This vertical is made to use a remote tuner at the base The installation PDF file for this vertical antenna can be downloaded from this page. See attachments OVERALL HEIGHT--43 Feet FOLDOVER MOUNT INCLUDED--NOT EXTRA ALL CLAMPS INCLUDED --NOT EXTRA MADE FOR REMOTE TUNER MOUNTED AT THE BASE NO LOSSY TRAPS TO BURN OUT THIS VERTICAL DOES NOT INCLUDE AN UNUN BANDS OF OPERATION--10-160 Meters POWER HANDLING--5KW SSB WIND RATING--92 MPH no ice SWR-1.5 And under with customer supplied tuner at the Base of the vertical The buyer must sign for this item upon delivery